BPP Business Academy

Why Join BPP Academy?

BPP Academy includes online workshops running through key principles of brand storytelling, marketing & business governance. Fast-track your understanding of key fundamentals and set your business up for long term success!

Through Masterclasses, group coaching and mentoring support, we will take your business from where it is now on a journey to ensure it meets all the regulatory and legal requirements. We’ll help you create a plan to sustainably grow and market your business.

You will also gain a deeper understanding of the significance and value of the Black Pounds Project community.


Who Is Eligible?

You’ve got a business which is trading – you’d love to grow the business, but not sure how to go about it or where to start.

You will need:

  • to be registered as a trading business (such as through self-employment, registered as a limited company, etc)
  • to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to growing your business
  • to show commitment for dedicating time and resources to your business growth
  • to contribute to the Black Pounds Project by sharing your journey through a blog post.

    “I’ve been blown away by the level of support of have received through the Black Pounds Project Mentorship Programme…I recently picked up a contract that will see my Bubble Bar at 2-3 locations around the West Midlands for the next few years. We’re only a few months in, but my mentor and coach have helped me tremendously. I have developed the confidence and tools to just go for it! I can’t thank everyone enough. I know that if they can do this for me, they can do it for anyone. Get involved!”

    Craig, Founder/CEO Bubble Bar Caravan

    Group Coaching Call

    Benefit by gaining a comprehensive understanding of:

    1. Governance/Regulatory Compliance – with an in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations pertaining to the business. Maintain peace of mind that your operations are being conducted with integrity.

    2. Risk Management – learn how to identify, assess and manage risks associated with your business activities. Develop strategies for recognising signs of potential risks before they become problematic. Gain an understanding of the appropriate reactions to take when a risk does occur.

    3. Data Protection – gain the necessary knowledge required to properly secure data and protect it from potential breaches or misuse. This includes data security measures such as encryption, access control, authentication protocols and more.

    4. Key Approaches to Marketing Your Business – receive guidance on developing successful marketing strategies tailored specifically for your business needs; understanding customer behaviour and trends in order to maximise market opportunities; creating effective promotional campaigns; using social media platforms efficiently.


    There will be a Q&A for you to ask the speaker any questions afterwards.

    What are you waiting for? Apply today! 

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