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90% of our members report increased profit after 6 months of working with us. We connect business owners with inspiring professionals,  so they can learn, grow and increase their earning potential.

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Take charge of your schedule and prioritise what matters most for your business and personal growth.

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Apply newfound strategies to boost sales, translating into increased revenue and financial stability for your venture.

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Engage in networking opportunities to establish meaningful relationships that can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and mutual support.

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“I’ve been blown away by the level of support of have received through the Black Pounds Project Mentorship Programme…I picked up a contract that will see my Bar at 2-3 locations around the West Midlands for the next few years. We’re only a few months in, but my mentor and coach have helped me tremendously. I have developed the confidence and tools to just go for it! I can’t thank everyone enough. I know that if they can do this for me, they can do it for anyone. Get involved!”

– Craig

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“BPP have helped me transform my ideas into tangible things. I learned about different goal strategies and ways to implement them organically. Very concise and clear advice to implement. I felt that my ideas were understood which enabled me to continue developing my businesses.

Reuvie Barbon

“In a short time I have received marketing support, opportunities to exhibit at events at the Rep and Santander. The mentors have really taken the time to get to know me and my business. They are always there to answer any questions or signpost to resources. “

Nicola Williams

Elevate Your Business Skills

Our dynamic online and in person workshops delve into the core principles of brand storytelling, marketing strategies, business operations and governance. Gain the knowledge you need to propel your business forward with confidence.

Fast-Track Your Learning

No time to waste? We’ve got you covered. Our workshops are designed to quickly equip you with the essential fundamentals, setting the stage for your business’s lasting success.

Masterclasses that Matter

Delve into in-depth masterclasses led by industry experts. Uncover the strategies that separate successful businesses from the rest. These masterclasses are the stepping stones to your business’s growth.

“We are a safe community for diverse entrepreneurs to improve their knowledge, control their time and create generational wealth.”


Launched in 2020, The Black Pounds project is a UK, West Midlands based organisation that provides support and resources for entrepreneurs. The goal of the organisation is to create a safe community for business owners to improve their knowledge and skills, and to focus their energy on the right areas of their business.

The Black Pounds Project provides access to resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, as well as a range on online marketplace events. 

We provides a space for black and diverse entrepreneurs to connect with one another, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. As a result of our efforts, our members are better equipped to start and grow their businesses, and create jobs and opportunities in their communities.