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By stocking with BPP, is there any particular or assigned volunteer or individual to be in charge of our stock or will it be anyone?

We have a team of experienced volunteers who follow a clear and robust code of conduct. Your membership also supports us in covering expenses for our volunteers.

Is it possible to make an early payment and then allow us to start our month count from the next month?

Yes, you can make an early payment for your shop subscription and let us know when you would like the exhibit to start from. However, you will still need to be subscribed as a member before you can pay for your shop subscription.

What is the payment mode terms? PayPal or any other?

Members will be enrolled onto our system, which is operated by GoCardless, as payments need to be made via direct debit.

Does BPP advertise or market for all suppliers who stock in, or does the supplier have to push their own goods?

BPP does advertise, but all members are responsible for supporting this process by also advertising their own products.

Is there insurance on the stock, etc.?

Yes, insurance is included and covered by your membership subscription fee.

Is the membership fee the same as our store fee?

No, the membership fee is separate from the shop subscription fee. Your membership enables you to receive other benefits such as social media promotion.

Will the items be packed in BPP bags after purchase, or will we have to provide our own packaging?

The items are packed in BPP branded bags.

Can the store (space) fee be payable at the end of the month?

No, the store fee must be payable before your exhibit begins, so it will need to be paid before the beginning of the month.

Do we get individual updates weekly or monthly about our stock at the store?

Vendors will receive a sales report at the end of the month.

What is the minimum time I can exhibit my products?

Exhibitors must commit to exhibiting for a period of at least 2 months.

What happens if I choose to unsubscribe from membership?

If you choose to unsubscribe without informing us, and your products are still in the store, you would be in breach of the contract and would be required to collect your items from us within 30 days. They would be stored safely and securely until collected by you.

How much does it cost to exhibit in store?

There are pricing options currently available from £20p/m.

When will I receive funds from any sales made in store?

All payments are issued monthly.  We will always communicate if there are any delays due to transaction processing times.

Why I need to attend a workshop before exhibiting?

There will be an online preliminary workshop for you to attend prior to exhibiting in the store. Members only need to attend this once. This is so that all parties are clear on expectations. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to ask the team any questions in real-time.

This is standard practice amongst professional retailers to ensure agreements and commitments are followed through on both sides.


Do I need to be physically present at the store?

No our team will manage transactions on your behalf, but you are encouraged to join our ambassador programme and promote your products in store.

Why is the store not open on weekends?

Our office working hours are Monday-Friday. Occasionally we will open on Sunday.

Can I post items to you if I'm outside of the Region the store is taking place?

Yes! We will send you an address for you to post your items. You will be required to cover postage costs. Please contact us to find out more.

Is there scope to display my products on their own shelf/counter display stand?

Where possible, products will be displayed on their own individual shelf or display stand with a bio that provides context about the business owner. 

Is it possible to display marketing material (i.e.flyers) alongside my products?

Absolutely. We encourage vendors to submit a 30 second video providing some insight about what the business is and why they started it. All vendors would also be featured in our BPP Magazine for distribution. You are welcome to provide additional marketing materials.

How many products can I exhibit in store?

Up to 40 Small/Medium sized products. An example of this would be e.g Hand cream, soap, hoodies and t-shirts. Please contact the team, if the items you wish to display are slightly larger.


Can I exhibit food and drink?

This would be dependent on the type of product. Please contact the team to find out more.