Meet The Team


CJ LLoyd Webley 

The most important thing for us at The Black Pounds Project is to make it possible for black business owners, however small, to access the business and financial help that will help them to kick start their business.   We want to breakdown barriers, build up trust and confidence and work alongside them every step of the way at this unprecedented time.

For the rest of my time on this planet I will fight for justice. The issues the black community face are very specific and need to be targeted in a very measured, calculated and specific way. It will take time.

This requires accountability, which means we must also being willing to align ourselves with those who are ready and available to support us on this mission.

Sue Bedward

Operations/ Mentor Manager

I am excited to support this important cause and will ensure that all the necessary procedures are in place so the Project can continue to grow from strength to strength. I whole-heartedly believe that this Project will not only benefit those involved, but will influence inclusivity accross the wider business community and beyond.

Shailah Squire

Social Media Marketing Manager

I am highly passionate about what The Black Pounds Project offers to the community and I’m excited to work with them  to raise awareness of their services through social media. Keep up with what i’m up to by following The Black Pounds Project on all social media platforms.


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