Meet The Team


At The Black Pounds Project, we are driven by a common purpose: to empower individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and level the playing field for small business owners.  Our team shares a deep passion for both entrepreneurship and creativity, creating a unique blend of talents.

CJ Lloyd Webley – The Visionary

With a remarkable talent for writing and an unyielding passion for empowering small business owners and creatives from disadvantaged backgrounds, CJ is the driving force behind the Black Pounds Project. Through boundless enthusiasm and dedication, CJ’s work is transforming lives and creating opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Denise Walker – The Organiser

Our Administrative Wizard!

With a passion for efficiency and a heart for our members, Denise is the driving force behind all things admin at our organiation. She ensures that every aspect of our operations runs smoothly, and most importantly, that our valued members are well taken care of. From handling paperwork to providing excellent support, Denise’s dedication keeps our community thriving.

Jacque Williams – The Brains

Our Governance Expert!

With a meticulous approach and an eye for detail, Jacque ensures that all our governance practices are kept up to date and in top-notch condition. Her dedication to accountability ensures that everything is watertight, providing a solid foundation for our organisation’s success.

Clarice Morgan – The Planner

Our Relationship Manager!

With her extensive background in relationship management, she’s adept at nurturing connections and fostering meaningful partnerships that propel our mission forward. Whether she’s liaising with clients, stakeholders, or community members, Clarice ensures that every interaction leaves a lasting impression.

Laurence Hall – The Doer

Gift Shop Champion!

Laurence is the heartbeat of our gift shop, pouring his passion and dedication into supporting its success. With a keen eye for detail he ensures that our shelves are stocked with unique treasures that delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

Nigel Campbell – The Motivator

Our Motivational Marketer!

With a flair for marketing and a gift for inspiring others, Nigel plays a pivotal role in our team’s success. As a talented marketer, he not only drives our message to reach new heights but also ensures that everyone stays motivated and focused on achieving targets. Nigel’s passion for excellence is contagious, making him a valuable asset in our journey towards success.


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