Meet The Team


CJ Lloyd Webley 

I’m a Writer and social entrepreneur. I have helped over 300 businesses to capture their brand story. I does this through our mentorship programme which primarily supports Black and Diverse entrepreneurs to grow their business. 

I also support young people in the arts to develop their writing and entrepreneurial skills so that in between acting jobs they are able to earn a living. 

Denise Walker

Administrative/Project Manager 
My services through administration and marketing are bespoke and can be adapted to suit the client.
The aim is that I am always one step ahead and ensure I understand your business needs.  I am excited to support Black and Diverse businesses to operate effectively through the Black Pounds Project.

Sue Bedward

Operations/ Mentor Manager

I am excited to support this important cause and will ensure that all the necessary procedures are in place so the Project can continue to grow from strength to strength. I whole-heartedly believe that this Project will not only benefit those involved, but will influence inclusivity accross the wider business community and beyond.

Shailah Squire

Communications/ Marketing Manager

I am highly passionate about what The Black Pounds Project offers to the community and I’m excited to work with them  to raise awareness of their services through social media. Keep up with what i’m up to by following The Black Pounds Project on all social media platforms.

Savannah Young

Social Media Executive

I am here to showcase new and exciting ways that the Black pound project can offer support through the use of social media. As a creative person I am always keen to inspire others and this role allows me to do just that.  Please do keep an eye out on our social media pages for updates and valuable content.


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