Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Black Pounds Project do?

We equip small business owners with the key knowledge to scale and create access to larger corporations and financial services.

We provide the knowledge that will make it possible for business owners, however small, to access the business and financial help to not only kick start, but sustain their business.

Do you provide funding?

Where possible, the Black Pounds Project occasionally issue micro grants to members. However our main priority is to help businesses establish ways of monetising their business without the need for funding.

Do you provide support with social media marketing?

We work collaboratively with social media experts who run regular workshops and produce online content to support your digital strategies. You may wish to consider becoming a member.

Can you help me generate more sales for my business?

Through our membership, We provide bespoke business coaching and mentoring services which are designed to help business owners grow and sustain their businesses. 

Can you help me promote my services?

Yes, we offer sponsorship and advertising packages through our membership which will allow you to promote your services to clients via our weekly podcast and marketing channels.

Who do you support?

The Black Pounds Project support entrepreneurs who wish to grow their enterprise.

Can you make me a logo or website?

We work with a team of trusted website & graphic designers who we refer people to for paid support in this area. Please visit our services page

Can you help me develop my business structure?

Yes, we can provide resources to assist you with your overall business structure through our membership.

Do you support businesses outside of the Midlands?

Yes, we support businesses across all regions through our membership

BPP Store 

Do you have to be a member to sell items in the store?

Yes, for insurance purposes, all participants would need to be subscribed to BPP Community membership.

How much does it cost to exhibit in store?

Prices may vary depending on the location. Please contact us to find out more. 

When will I receive funds from any sales made in store?

All payments are issued monthly.  We will always communicate if there are any delays due to transaction processing times.

Why I need to attend a workshop before exhibiting?

There will be an online preliminary workshop for you to attend prior to exhibiting in the store. Members only need to attend this once. This is so that all parties are clear on expectations. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to ask the team any questions in real-time.

This is standard practice amongst professional retailers to ensure agreements and commitments are followed through on both sides.


Do I need to be physically present at the store?

No our team will manage transactions on your behalf, but you are welcome to join our ambassador programme.

Why is the store not open on weekends?

Out of respect for the founder/CEO’s religious beliefs as a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, we do not currently open the store on Saturdays. Our working hours are Monday-Friday. Occasionally we will open on Sunday.

Can I post items to you if I'm outside of the Region the store is taking place?

Yes! We will send you an address for you to post your items. You will be required to cover postage costs. Please contact us to find out more.

Is there scope to display my products on their own shelf/counter display stand?

Products will be displayed on their own individual shelf or display stand.

Is it possible to display marketing material (i.e.flyers) alongside my products?

Absolutely. We encourage vendors to submit a 30 second video providing some insight about what the business is and why they started it. All vendors would also be featured in our BPP Magazine for distribution. You are welcome to provide additional marketing materials.

How many products can I exhibit in store?

Up to 40 Small/Medium sized items. An example of this would be e.g Hand cream, soap, hoodies and t-shirts. Please contact the team, if the items you wish to display are slightly larger.


Can I exhibit food and drink?

This would be dependent on the location. Please contact the team to find out more.   


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