Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Black Pounds Project do?

We equip black business owners with the key knowledge to scale and create access to larger corporations and financial services.

The most important thing for us at The Black Pounds Project is to lay the foundations that will make it possible for black business owners, however small, to access the business and financial help that will help them to not only kick start, but sustain their business.

Do you provide funding?

Where possible, the Black Pounds Project can issue micro grants to assist with business set up costs. However our main priority is to help businesses establish ways of monetising their business without the need for funding. 

Do you provide support with social media marketing?

We work collaboratively with social media experts who run regular workshops and produce online content to support your digital strategies. Feel free to take a look at some of the videos listed below.

Can you help me generate more sales for my business?

We provide bespoke business coaching and mentoring services which are designed to help business owners grow and sustain their businesses.  

Can you help me promote my services?

Yes, we offer sponsorship and advertising packages which will allow you to promote your services to clients via our weekly podcast and marketing channels.  

Who do you support?

The Black Pounds Project support business owners who wish to grow their enterprise.

Can you make me a logo or website?

We work with a team of trusted website & graphic designers who we refer people to for paid support in this area.

Can you help me develop my business structure?

Yes, we can provide resources to assist you with your overall business structure. 

Do you support businesses outside of the Midlands?

Yes, we promote online services and events for all regions to access. 


Resources & Articles 

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