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We offer sponsorship packages and are always keen to partner on projects with organisations who’s values align with ours. Our 9-Mentoship programme offer £1000  worth of valueable business support to business owners. By selecting one of the packages you can take an active role in offering funded places to  those selected to take part in the programme.

We would be delighted to help you, your business or organisation generate more exposure for your services through our networks. As well as offering business support through our mentorship scheme, our Arts & Media partners support us to reach diverse communities and get black business owners attending events that they otherwise would have no real awareness of.

We rely heavily on sponsorship, donations and grants to provide this service to black business owners because we believe our programme is unique and can give them the opportunity to grow a sustainable business for the consumer market. 

A key part of the BPP’s sustainability strategy is as mentioned our Sponsorship package listed below, which consists of 4 levels.

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