M7 Founder Mandy Rose started in communications 25 years ago, just before everything started to go digital. She’s had plenty of time to be creative with social media and build relationships with bloggers and influencers.  But is also a veteran of traditional media.

Why is this important?

Because newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, are far from dead – despite what some would have you believe. They still offer brilliant free opportunities for businesses to publicise themselves.  But only if you get help from professionals like M7 who have the right contacts and understand the kind of stories they want.  Getting likes and friends is nice – but especially so when that person is an influential journalist who can reach a few hundred thousand readers, listeners and viewers for you!

Mandy has spent most of her career in the arts sector both in house and consultancy, specialising in the performing arts.  Other clients come from a wide variety of small to medium sized businesses across the UK including mental health and wellbeing, body conditioning, business coaching, beauty, pet care, education, charities and exhibitions to name but a few.

Who would you rather work with – someone who is great at promoting themselves or an experienced professional more interested in the success of their clients?

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