Hello and welcome! 

We look forward to welcoming you to the BPP Store.

  • Exhibitors will be eligible to feature up to 15 small or medium product types in the BPP store.
  • All items will need to be priced individually by the exhibitor prior to drop-off. If you would prefer for our team to price your items in store, there would be a £10 service fee for this.
  • Example of a small item would be hand cream, perfume bottle or mug.
  • Examples of a Medium item would be Handbag, A4 picture frame, fruit basket

You are not required to be in the store to sell your items, however we would encourage you to tell people about the shop and visit where possible.

The BPP sales team will take care of transactions and inventory. All profits will be sent directly to you within a reasonable time frame. 

You can also contact the team if you would like to work a shift and promote your products outside the shop front.

It will be your responsibility to ensure we have enough stock to replenish items sold on the shop floor. You can store up to 100 units in our stock room, but we will require you to submit a price and inventory list to us before hand. We will also require a hard-copy to be given to us in store.

Organiser Responsibilities

1)The Organiser shall maintain adequate staff to ensure facilitation of the retail space.
2)The Organiser will undertake a stock take of each Vendor’s goods/products at the start and end of each retail period.
3)Where a retail period of 14 or more days is booked, stock takes will be undertaken at least every 7 business days.
4)Vendors may request updates on sales activity during their term. This information will be provided within 48 hours.
5)The Organiser will facilitate all sales by collecting payment via a Sum-Up card machine.
6)A 3% transaction fee will be deducted for each sale in accordance with Sum Up’s terms of use
7)The Organiser will not apply any additional charges to sales, nor receive any financial benefit from each transaction.
8)The Vendor will receive a report detailing: goods/products sold, total sums received,
transaction fee deducted and amount to be transferred to the bank account provided during the registration process.
9)This report will be provided and funds transferred within 7-14 working days of the end of their retail period.

Vendor Responsibilities

– There will be a short handover form to complete once you’ve dropped your items off to the BPP store.

– Please ensure all items are clearly priced for easy restocking.

– Please send a digital copy of your inventory form to admin@blackpoundsproject.com.

– Bring a hard-copy of your inventory form with you to the store. You will not be able to exhibit without this information.

-Please ensure your stock sheet matches what you have brought us in store. You will not be able to exhibit until we have the correct information.

Arranging Your Collection

– Please email admin@blackpoundsproject.com within 48 hours to confirm when you’ll collect your items from the store. You can collect items up to 24 hours prior to your end date.

-If you have posted your items to us, please confirm the address they need to be returned to along with a BACS or Paypal transfer of your return postage amount.

Additional Information

The layout will be dependent on what works for the products we have in store, however please see the attached image for what it looks like currently, so vendors would each be given a section based on what our visual merchandisers feel is most suitable.

T&C’s can be sent to you once you have confirmed your interest.

All the dates will commence from 12th December so you would need drop your items off prior to this date which will be given to you in advance.

Refunds are accepted and would be transferred back to you within 14 days. (There is a 10% admin fee) .

Please ensure you are confident that you wish to take part, prior to transferring funds.

Banned and restricted goods

These include:

  • controlled drugs
  • offensive weapons, for example flick knives
  • self-defence sprays, for example pepper spray and CS gas
  • endangered animal and plant species
  • rough diamonds
  • indecent and obscene materials, such as books, magazines, films and DVDs
  • personal imports of meat and dairy products from most non-EU countries

Your personal data will not be shared beyond The BPP’s internal team.

We look forward to working with you.

Please email admin@blackpoundsproject.com for more information.