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Sports Key

Sports Key is a Birmingham based not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC) which exists to improve the wellbeing, cohesion, and life opportunities of disadvantaged people within our community. We aim to bring positive action and remove barriers to enable cohesion of people from all backgrounds particularly marginalised ethnic minority groups by utilising physical activity and culture as the vehicle to drive transformational change.

– We aim to create greater social cohesion through integrating diverse communities and allowing people to try, share and celebrate new diverse experiences.
– We aim to change inactive people to active people in deprived communities where
access and affordability are key barriers to healthier lifestyles.
– We aim to provide young people from the community who suffer from a lack of skills and education and/or on the margins of society, with practical opportunities to enhance their employability prospects whilst also making a positive contribution to the community that surrounds them.

Primal Mastery


Primal Mastery was founded on a cause very close to our hearts as a city and region?

Primal Mastery is an Anti-Knife Crime unit and recreational target sport centre that delivers a range of activities helping you to exercise your primal survival instincts whilst having FUN!

This includes our Amnesty service (@tradeabladecic) which houses our on-site Amnesty Bin for the Youth or Adults to trade in their blades articles anonymously for a free session OR one of our activities

@Tradeabladecic ultimately supports the transformation of better lifestyle choices within the forthcoming generations, allowing them to redirect their purpose through a range of classes. 

For example our conflict resolution class teaches vital life changing skills such as how to diffuse difficult and challenging situations amicably to grow the individuals mindset to apply to future conflict matters.

Sacred Yoni Garden

Sacred Yoni Garden was founded in 2020 to provide alternative remedies for women and young girls to assist them on there journey through Womanhood.
By using natural herbs you can reconnect and heal yourself through your self care routine. Providing relief for Periods, Fibroids , Fertility , PCOS, Menopause and more.

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