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Our business focuses on ethical men’s grooming products and men’s apparel. All of our creams, body butters and oils are organic and created from natural ingredients. Creating a brand that will be widely recognised as the go-to product for natural organic substances with health advantages. Products such as beard oils, beard butters, body butters are some of the products we currently stock with more to come in the near future…


Ametrine Skin

Our vegan, cruelty free skincare range is formulated and hand-crafted in house, to help bring balance to your skin and keep it healthy and happy. 

We focus on creating multi-purpose skincare so you can cut down on how many different products you buy, while making sure we include as many fair trade and up cycled ingredients as possible. Each product can be used for at least 3 different uses, while some can be used for many more such as our face and body safe whipped body butters. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do but also affordability, so that everyone has a chance to help reduce waste.

Ametrine skin’s founder Rianna has suffered with acne, rosacea and eczema over the years and because of that we always have sensitive and sensitised skin in mind. Each product utilises skin soothing, healing and barrier protective ingredients full of vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

Our range includes handmade soaps, whipped mango body butters, balms & cleansing powders/ face masks. We are always working behind the scenes to develop more products and sourcing new uncommon ingredients.

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BB Naturals

Bourn Beautiful Naturals (now BB Naturals) is a black woman-owned coplant-based formulas that are both effective and feel luxurious. Kadian developed these products from recipes she created for individual Black women friends and family.

A firm believer in creating only what is useful and effective, Kadian uses every product she creates because making them nourishes her soul and gives her purpose. That purpose is to help solve the hair and skincare challenges for customers by centring their unique needs.

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Botanical By Brina

My brand is called Botanical By Brina. We are a beauty and wellness brand that has a range of waterless skincare products designed to help you raise your vibration and energy through scent whilst having glowing and moisturised skin. Our accompanying soy wax candle range contains essential oils to set the mood. All products are vegan friendly and handmade with natural and organic ingredients. 

The products are designed to help you feel good inside and out whilst encouraging you to take care of your mind, body and soul. My best selling product is the Sweet Orange Hair and Body Butter. It smells amazing and has sweet orange essential oil in it which is known for uplifting the mood. I also have products that contain lavender which is a high-frequency scent that relaxes and calms the mind. These include my Lavender and Body Oil, my Homegrown Mini Lavender Pillows and my Lavender Aromatherapy Candles. These products are available on my website:

Chaste Natural Obsessions 

Our vision is to raise awarness surrounding the effects of harmful ingredients used within our daily lives. Used individually, these products may cause harm, but used collectively, a world of damage can be done.  Chaste will aim to educate through articles, videos and testimonies, and then we will provide solutions and/or alternatives…not all offered by Chaste.

Physical health aside, we aim to also be apart of emotional healing; for too long, we have been divided in a number of ways. Chaste will look at partnering with others and participating in initiatives which seek to be a part of solutions which bridge generational gaps. As we heal together, we will work to achieve success…however YOU choose to define it.

We will strive to be deeply rooted within the community. We look to establish symbiotic relationships, where we are customers of our customers and vice versa! We look forward to growing TOGETHER!

Additionally, it is of great importance to assist in supporting those in the community who are in need and while we omit no one who fits that description, we feel a “calling” for widows and orphans.  We sincerely hope we can also work together in this regard.



DeRoiste Natural Beauty 

At DeRoiste Natural Beauty we want to help you fall in love and embrace the skin you’re in using plant-based products that are toxin-free and packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Born out of the need to provide inclusive skincare products suitable for all skin tones and the desire to inspire and educate users not to compromise their skin health due to societal pressure or to gain social acceptance.
“We’re all unique individuals BUT! we all need a good skincare routine to keep our skin looking its best regardless of our skin tone”

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Earth Elixir Haircare

Earth Elixir Haircare is a natural, vegan, Ayurvedic Haircare company. After suffering from psoriasis and alopecia, our founder, was at her wits end and was fed up with the steroids the doctors were prescribing. This is when she started making the products that we now share with you. We believe in nature and everything it provides! 

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Human & Delicate

Hi, my name is Destinee. I’m a multi-passionate creative, and the owner of Human & Delicate. This is my little shop of joyfull of slow-made self-love & self-care gifts for Delicate Darlings & Sensitive Souls.

Each poem, print or pretty accessory you discover in this space is intentionally crafted to inspire healing and tenderness (because we’re shaping the Revolution, one soft and sensual step at a time )

All items in this shop are either:

  • Sustainably handmade in small batches, with zero-waste
  • Crafted with locally sourced materials
  • Locally printed by a small business
  • Or all of the above

In all cases, Human & Delicate gifts are ALWAYS designed by me & made with love, joy & alchemy. May they speak to you in the language of your truths

House of Holis

What we put onto our skin is as important to what goes in.

I am an independent business and mom with a passion to help people feel good and create 100% natural health and beauty products that work and are beneficial for our mind, body & soul.  

This led me to create houseofholis specialising in body butters that are natural and organic with the added benefits of essential oils and versatile which make them great for everyday use, dry skin & help to soothe eczema and psoriasis. There are also body oils, bath salts and cleansing teas available in the range.

Nicola Williams

Laydidee’s Natural Skincare

Laydidee’s Natural Skincare is an eco-friendly company where we handmake, vegan, 100% organic, luxurious, cruelty free, products.

We create soap, lip balms in 10 flavours, body scrubs in 4 fragrances, body butter moisturisers in tropical mango, fresh linen, banana & strawberry and muck & patchouli and luxury pamper kits in three sizes to suit all occasions.

We have a customer loyalty system where you return your glass jar and receive 10% off your next purchase.

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I am a small business that makes fantastic handmade skin products using shea butter and goats milk.which are then combined  with other natural ingredients,  sometimes sourced personally from my own garden where they are grown, I also use a variety of essential oils to add amazing fragrances 

Each soap has its individual skin and health. benefits and suits different skin types.

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RH by Rachel

RH by Rachel was founded in January 2023 by Rachel Harrison. RH being Rachel’s initials and also meaning ‘Real Hair’, as her wish for people to love and appreciate their natural hair.

The vision and concept of the brand was to create quality products which reflected her personality, offered versatility and being available to everyone to buy.

RH by Rachel produces handmade hair and body products. The range consists of  fragranced Hair & Body Butters, Hair Pomades, Beard Oil, Hair & Body Oils and more! The brand’s range has progressed in 9 months creating seven products.

Rachel’s passion for the business is influenced by her love of hair, perfumes with the ‘smell good’ factor and connecting with customers to listen to what people like and need. 

All ingredients used are responsibly sourced, natural, vegan and cruelty free and suitable for a variety of hair and skin types.

Rachel is a juggling career mom of two young children; the ‘seed’ idea came from needing a product to suit both her children’s’ hair and skin. 

If you would like to learn more about Rachel and her brand, you reach out to her on: 


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At SheaCoco we specialise in the very best natural, organic skin and hair products.Our main ingredients in our whipped body butter are:

• Unrefined Shea Butter – with the extract of the African Borututu Tree bark which gives the Shea Butter its yellow appearance and medicinal properties.

•  Unrefined, cold pressed, raw Coconut Oil – which provides antioxidants and skin healing properties.

When we combine these ingredients and properties, they make a unique blend perfect for a natural skin moisturiser which conditions, heals and protects the skin. SheaCoco skin and hair products contain no chemicalsparabens, preservatives, additives or fragrances. All our ingredients are 100% pure and organic. This is a key factor to maintain flawless skin alongside strong, healthy hair growth. 

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The Studio Effect

Founder of The Studio Effect Ltd, a hair and beauty salon in West Bromwich; Sophia started braiding hair more than 15 years ago before heading off to university where she gained a first class honours in Broadcasting & Journalism. She then went on to work for major TV broadcasters and production companies before working as a homelessness prevention officer with her local council. 

She decided to pick up hair braiding again on the side which quickly grew into something bigger. 

Sophia now aspires to be a successful entrepreneur who can provide excellent products and services to the community and beyond.

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