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You’ve got a great business idea, you’ve perhaps started researching and testing out the market but unsure of whether it’s going to a viable business opportunity or how to get started.

The Black Pounds Project can hook you up with a voluntary Business Advisor to help you consolidate your ideas, create a start-up plan and support you to put it all into action.

A Business Adviser provides information, support, coaching, advice and guidance to business owners including supporting start-up businesses to move their business from concept to reality.

You will need:

  • a genuine business idea
  • to provide evidence you’ve started to research your market – ideal customers, competitors, potential market size, costs
  • to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to getting a business started.


You’ve got a business which is trading – you’d love to grow the business, but not sure how to go about it or where to start.

The Black Pounds Project can allocate a Business Coach or Mentor to help you take your business from where it is now on a journey to ensure, firstly, it meets all regulatory and legal requirements and secondly, to create a plan to sustainably grow your business. 

You will need:

  • to be registered as a trading business (such as through self-employment, registered as a limited company, etc)
  • to have a business bank account
  • to demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to growing your business
  • to show commitment for dedicating time and resources to your business growth
  • to contribute to the Black Pounds Project by sharing your journey through a regular blog.

Upon completion of this form, a member of our team will be in touch to confirm whether you have been accepted on to the Mentorship scheme.

Please note, all selected businesses will begin at Bronze Level, with the expectation that you will progress onto Silver and Platinum once you have completed all of the agreed actions. 

If your application is unsuccessful at this time, we will seek to support you in other ways.

If you require assistance with completing the form please drop us an email at and we will arrange a call to discuss it with you.