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Alwins Jerk

Within the UK we are a very culturally diverse melting pot. Our aim is to make the taste of Authentic Jamaican Jerk products more widely available across the UK, all year round, despite the seasons or weather conditions. We are passionate about good quality Jamaican food.  If it’s not good enough for us, then it’s not good enough for you!

We pride ourselves in making the best Jerk Products to various spice intensities. We are uncompromising in our standards, and we are committed to this. Come taste and find authenticity at its best.

Always Authentic, Always Alwins

Flat Cap Drinks Company Ltd

Flat Cap Drinks Company Ltd was established in 2020 and started trading in 2021. Our family roots stem from Burnt Savannah Westmoreland Jamaica and cross the seas 4000 miles to South London in the UK. 

Rum is the beverage that is close to our heart and our roots and we pride ourselves on quality and taste and infuse flavour with experience. Taking a premium white base rum from the West Indies, we have added natural flavours to give a slightly different accent to appeal to different palates.

Rum is part of the Jamaican culture and whether it is drinking it with just ice, mixing it with a chaser or adding it to a traditional rum punch this spirit is at the heart of every gathering and event. Rum drinking starts at a young age in our culture and it becomes part of who we are and the country of our heritage.

After tasting Rums from most parts of the Caribbean we decided to build upon traditional spirits, we create new flavours to bring you exciting rum. Also seeing that a majority of household name rums were more legacy products that people purchased out of habit Flat Cap Drinks wanted to add value and alternative products to what was being consumed in the marketplace.

Our products are bottled in 70cl and 20cl sizes and sold individually or in a pack of all 3 flavours if you can’t decide which one you like most! ( and Amazon only).


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