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Awaken is an ecommerce platform dedicated to bringing exposure and revenue to independent retailers and business owners from within the African diaspora. We are a strong network of creative individuals who actively work towards furthering our communities through investments into educational resources, partnerships, sponsorships and community interest projects.

Looking to sell a range of items on the website such as:

  • Natural skin & hair products (Chaste)
  • Bath Bombs/Soap
  • Elderberry cold & flu syrup
  • Wax melts/Candles
  • Wax burners
  • Tea
  • Children’s books 
  • Children’s Learning Resources

Black History Activity Books

Award winning graphic designer and entrepreneur. I currently publish my own children’s activity books and promoter of the biggest black history event in Europe. I have designed, illustrated and created content for over 20 books and merchandise which are sold internationally. 

The events I promote are free community events that at have been sustainable through my own business model and have received no government funding or support. As a promotional tool to launch and promote my books, the event has snowballed into Europe’s biggest independent Black History Event/Black Business Expo.My contributions to my culture and community gained me the award for best start up business in 2007 from I.C.E UK.

I have a keen interest in leaving a legacy and a lasting positive impact in our community.

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Fefus Designs

Fefus Designs offers a range of empowering and vibrant greetings cards, merchandise and art for children with a strong emphasis on diverse characters. 

Fefus Designs was born through my observation of a lack of representation and diversity in popular characters and images reflected in children’s fashion & merchandise. Fefus Designs offers children (& adults) of colour a choice and I passionately believe that this should no longer be seen as a privilege.

Inspired Journals

Inspirational Journals is a small business based in the UK (Birmingham) that design bespoke journals, notebooks, planners and business logbooks. We also design personalised journals and notebooks on request. Inspirational Journals was birth during the pandemic and have been going now for over 2 years on Etsy. 
In the two years we have achieved over 95% 5star reviews, 2 best sellers badge, shipped to over 15 countries internationally and got a star seller shop badge. 
We design all the interior/covers etc and outsource the publishers to get them published. We are currently on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
Social Media Handles

@inspirationaljournals (Instagram)

@inspiredjourns (twitter)

Bloomin Boutique 

Selina, a regular fitness fan, you can find me in the gym,”this is where the best ideas are born,” or in the garden with a good book. I love a cocktail or two or three! and always looks on the bright side.

Notably, always on the lookout for a bargain! From finding a red ex-display gloss red kitchen for 99p!! “yes, that’s right! “

Which led to “drum roll please” … Bloomin Boutiques
Homewares exclusively on eBay.

We pride ourselves on three key features:

Luxury homeware
Affordable prices



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