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Awaken is an ecommerce platform dedicated to bringing exposure and revenue to independent retailers and business owners from within the African diaspora. We are a strong network of creative individuals who actively work towards furthering our communities through investments into educational resources, partnerships, sponsorships and community interest projects.

Looking to sell a range of items on the website such as:

  • Natural skin & hair products (Chaste)
  • Bath Bombs/Soap
  • Elderberry cold & flu syrup
  • Wax melts/Candles
  • Wax burners
  • Tea
  • Children’s books 
  • Children’s Learning Resources

Black History Activity Books

Award winning graphic designer and entrepreneur. I currently publish my own children’s activity books and promoter of the biggest black history event in Europe. I have designed, illustrated and created content for over 20 books and merchandise which are sold internationally. 

The events I promote are free community events that at have been sustainable through my own business model and have received no government funding or support. As a promotional tool to launch and promote my books, the event has snowballed into Europe’s biggest independent Black History Event/Black Business Expo.My contributions to my culture and community gained me the award for best start up business in 2007 from I.C.E UK.

I have a keen interest in leaving a legacy and a lasting positive impact in our community.

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Fefus Designs

Fefus Designs offers a range of empowering and vibrant greetings cards, merchandise and art for children with a strong emphasis on diverse characters. 

Fefus Designs was born through my observation of a lack of representation and diversity in popular characters and images reflected in children’s fashion & merchandise. Fefus Designs offers children (& adults) of colour a choice and I passionately believe that this should no longer be seen as a privilege.

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