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Akiniyi sells sustainable, handmade pieces from Nairobi, Kenya and Uganda All our products are woven by hand from very durable and beautiful natural fibres, by our wonderful makers in Nairobi and Uganda. The energetic colours and unique patterns make these products an incredible addition to any setting. Welcome to the world of Akinyi!

All Shades Cards

At All Shades we aim to bring more colour and inclusivity to the greeting cards market by diversifying the UK mainstream supply chain because most people have a sub/conscious desire to see themselves reflected in the products they purchase.


Social media handle: @allshadescards


Awaken is an ecommerce platform dedicated to bringing exposure and revenue to independent retailers and business owners from within the African diaspora. We are a strong network of creative individuals who actively work towards furthering our communities through investments into educational resources, partnerships, sponsorships and community interest projects.

Looking to sell a range of items on the website such as:

  • Natural skin & hair products (Chaste)
  • Bath Bombs/Soap
  • Elderberry cold & flu syrup
  • Wax melts/Candles
  • Wax burners
  • Tea
  • Children’s books 
  • Children’s Learning Resources

Black History Activity Books

Award winning graphic designer and entrepreneur. I currently publish my own children’s activity books and promoter of the biggest black history event in Europe. I have designed, illustrated and created content for over 20 books and merchandise which are sold internationally. 

The events I promote are free community events that at have been sustainable through my own business model and have received no government funding or support. As a promotional tool to launch and promote my books, the event has snowballed into Europe’s biggest independent Black History Event/Black Business Expo.My contributions to my culture and community gained me the award for best start up business in 2007 from I.C.E UK.

I have a keen interest in leaving a legacy and a lasting positive impact in our community.

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Black Print

We are Black Print – the blue print for black gifts. Growing up, this wasn’t something widely available to me and my generation and I really wish it was. I now want to be a part of changing the narrative for my children’s generation and generations to come. This is why we created Black Print – gifts that represent us.

Instagram – @blackprint.insta 
Tiktok – @black.print_tt 
Twitter – @BlackPrint01 

Bloomin Boutiques Homewares

Selina, a regular fitness fan, you can find me in the gym, “this is where the best ideas are born, ” or in the garden with a good book. I love a cocktail or two or three! and always looks on the bright side. Notably, always on the lookout for a bargain! From finding a red ex-display gloss red kitchen for 99p!! “yes, that’s right! ” Which led to “drum roll please” … Bloomin Boutiques Homewares exclusively on eBay.

We pride ourselves on three key features:

Sustainability, Luxury homeware, Affordable prices

Instagram: BLOOMIN_BESTIES in the final stages a brand new podcast, me and my best friend talking love life & the cosmo! & most importantly all the bargin’s that will soon be in your home 🙂


By Slh Cards

Creator of greeting cards, seasonal decor and novelty items referencing patois, culture, music, slang and humour.

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Dopesoul UK

Dope soul is a brand with a purpose, to support and encourage every soul to be their true authentic self, releasing the dope soul from within. 

In a world where many have lost their true identity and connection with self, dope soul is all about promoting those left amongst us who unapologetically embrace their true self and let their light shine bright.

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Elevò home was born during (what had become a frequent) visit to the local home store to buy Candles. During every visit, every Candle would be judged on both its fragrance and also its look/design/branding. It became increasingly difficult to find Candles that looked and smelled great but were still affordable. 

 What we didn’t know is that most scented Candles contain paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, coal or shale oil which when burnt, releases toxic compounds into the air, which are bad for your health and bad for the environment.

 As new parents to a bouncing baby boy who love to light Candles in their home, this was a concerning revelation.

 The desire to have candles that looked at home in a sleek, contemporary and minimalistic space, smelled great and burned clean at a family friendly price point led to many disappointing visits to different stores until we had the idea to make our own.

 Using 100% clean burning, non-toxic and vegan Soy Wax we embarked on the journey of making our own Candles experimenting with fragrances that engaged the senses, focused the mind, relaxed the body and refreshed the soul. 

The result of this is: The Classic Collection, which is our premium line of 320g Soy Wax Candles housed in our unique, transparent glass jars with cork ball lids and The Amber Collection, which is comprised of 160g Soy Wax Candles, 120g worth of Soy Wax Wax Melts and 100ml Room Sprays.

 elevò home products have the power to transform a space. Our fragrances evoke emotions, memories and in moments, can change the atmosphere and ambiance in a room, engaging our senses in new ways that elevate and lift the atmosphere in your environment.

 elevò home – Elevate Your Space.

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eSCENTialsFromKush supplies ‘natural’ , ‘fragrant’, and ‘effective’ scents for your home, office or personal space.

We have over 20 different fragrances of lead free incense sticks including ‘Jamaican Fruit’, ‘One love’ and ‘Kush’. Sold in packs of 15 with an approx burn time of 1hr 20min.

We sell Fresh Californian White Sage to cleanse and purify your home along with ethically sourced Palo Santo (aka Holy wood) and Ethiopian Frankincense. 

We have a range of accessories available from Ash Catchers, handmade incense bags and Charcoal discs.

Fefus Designs

Fefus Designs offers a range of empowering and vibrant greetings cards, merchandise and art for children with a strong emphasis on diverse characters. 

Fefus Designs was born through my observation of a lack of representation and diversity in popular characters and images reflected in children’s fashion & merchandise. Fefus Designs offers children (& adults) of colour a choice and I passionately believe that this should no longer be seen as a privilege.

Inspired Journals

Inspirational Journals is a small business based in the UK (Birmingham) that design bespoke journals, notebooks, planners and business logbooks. We also design personalised journals and notebooks on request. Inspirational Journals was birth during the pandemic and have been going now for over 2 years on Etsy. 
In the two years we have achieved over 95% 5star reviews, 2 best sellers badge, shipped to over 15 countries internationally and got a star seller shop badge. 
We design all the interior/covers etc and outsource the publishers to get them published. We are currently on twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 
Social Media Handles

@inspirationaljournals (Instagram)

@inspiredjourns (twitter)

My Authentic Self

My name is Heather Ellis and I live in Birmingham in the UK.

I illustrate and make Afro Caribbean, diverse & generic handmade personalised greeting cards.

I have written 8 children’s picture books & I design the Pure Innocence clear stamps range for My Favorite Things.

I love drawing and painting cute characters. Children and animals feature a lot in my work & play an important part in my work for they are my Inspiration when creating my art. 


Restore Glow

Restore Glow is inspired by the gift of kindness, that warm feeling you get when you smell a familiar scent that triggers a core memory of time well spent with your family & friends. This is why at Restore Glow we are focused on helping you restore your glow and become better connected to yourself and others. While our brand is inspired by the gift of kindness, it is our mission to help you attain inner balance so you can heal and reset your mental mindset.

All Restore Glow candles and wax melts are made with vegetable blend wax for a clean burn and cruelty-free fragrance oils for a high-performing scent throw. 

The fun does not stop there, customers also have the option to personalise candle labels with messages for special occasions. Once again reinforcing that message of kindness. 

Restore your Glow with the delightful selection of scented gifts available at 




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Sanaa Gifts

In 2020, I was looking for wrapping paper with a Black Father Christmas. Nothing like this could be found in the UK and the products that I could source were either from the US or looked aesthetically dated. As a professional graphic designer, I knew that I could create a more inclusive shopping experience through products that celebrate Black culture and ethnic minority communities. 

I intentionally chose the name ‘Sanaa’ – a Swahili word meaning ‘work of art’ – as an apt description of how I see myself and Black people. 

Utilising the positive imagery that can be seen throughout Sanaa’s premium quality products, I aim to provide better representation of Black and ethnic minority communities in the mainstream art, gifts and stationary market and remind us that we are all created as masterpieces. 

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Tongue ‘ n ‘ Cheeky

No more generic black people cards from the corner shop!”

Tongue‘n’Cheeky Prints – cheeky personalised prints for the culture.

Tired of the same old corner shop greeting cards for black people? Look no further…

Tongue‘n’Cheeky Prints is an online black-owned UK based greeting card shop that celebrates Black British culture on another level! Our greeting cards are funny, high quality, colourful and modern (it’s a millennial ting ennit!). Whether you’re looking for a funny Birthday card, Christmas card, Congratulations card and more, you’ll find it here! 

Uniquely Kenyan

Here at Uniquely Kenyan, we pride ourselves in sourcing high quality fabrics and accessories, that make up our stock of Abayas, Dresses, Accessories and Home Decor products. 

Each and every product that we sell, has been made with love ,with attention paid to every detail, ensuring that you get quality and durable products from us. 

Apart from our own brand, we also resell bought stock from carefully picked brands and artists in Kenya.

You can follow us on instagram and tiktok on – uniquelykenyan and our website –

Vanessa Ankra Books

As someone who is passionate about healing through journaling and arts, I founded Vanessa Esther Notebooks (VENotebooks) in 2021 after feeling like I had lost my own identity I started creating the covers to reflect the uniqueness of my own journey and personality!

Vanessa means butterfly and the butterfly represents having a free-spirit and that’s what each notebook design is, a voice for those who otherwise may not have had one! Often you will hear me say “This chapter of my life is about being ‘The room'” and that’s exactly what VENotebooks is ‘The Room’ to facilitate growth internally and within the community! 

Recently I have ventured into clothing and apparel but don’t worry, it’s still the same VENotebooks you know and love!

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