Advisory Board


Sally Dhillon

Sally Dhillon, founder of Nudge Forward, is dedicated to developing leaders for extraordinary outcomes. With a mission to inspire 10,000 leaders, her leadership practice emphasises core values of compassion, diversity, learning, and trust. As a qualified executive coach with experience in organisational change and running a social enterprise, Sally actively supports the Black Pounds Project.

Her commitment addresses the historical gaps in business support for black-owned enterprises, providing valuable assistance in start-up, scaling, and funding

The Black Pounds Project is an opportunity to be actively involved in a purposeful, local initiative to drive high-quality support.

Assim Ishaque

Assim is an experienced Commercial Director, passionate about taking innovative ideas through to revenue growth. With a background in Finance, FMCG and Telco developing expertise in Sustainability, CleanTech, Renewable Energy Technology. Working with businesses from Startup to Scaleup’s, corporates and leading business Accelerators. He is also a specialist speaker on the subject of the entrepreneurial journey – the good, bad and ugly as well as the creative, liberating and fulfilling aspects.

Jacque Adiru Williams

I offer (Advisers in Data Protection, Information Security, Risk Management and Underlying Corporate Governance), Adiru is actually my middle name. 

My mission is to level the playing field by implementing strong governance systems within these businesses, that will enhance our status, our access to wider markets and ultimately our ability to attract investment.

I have been inspired by recent turmoil and driven to engage with Black owned businesses, empowering them to reach their strategic goals. 


Sue Bedward

Sue is an MSc academically qualified coach and mentor, CIPD accredited trainer and Certified Business Assessor with a passion for professional leadership development and growth.

Following her own experience in Continued Professional Development (CPD) learning and business development, Sue founded the Midlands Business Leadership Academy in 2015 to enable business advisers to achieve accreditation, and to empower business owners to succeed through continuous leadership development, coaching and mentoring support.