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Who we are:

We aim to make it possible for black business owners, however small, to access the business and financial help that will help them to kick start, grow and sustain their businesses. We want to breakdown barriers, build up trust and confidence and work alongside them every step of the way at this unprecedented time.

Since the initial Black Pounds Project fundraising page went live in June 2020, CJ Lloyd Webley, Founder, has dedicated his time to develop the project further so that black businesses can apply for micro grant funding through the sponsored 9-month mentorship scheme.

What we do:

The most important thing for us at The Black Pounds Project is to lay the foundations that will make it possible for black business owners, however small, to access the business and financial help that will help them to not only kick start, but sustain their business.

By becoming a member, business owners will gain access to a pool of professional mentors across a range of sectors who will provide quality advice including:-

  • Opportunities to network with existing members and associates.
  • Some opportunities to promote your product or services via our social media and marketing materials.
  • Receive some Administration or Marketing or Communications support each month.
  • Receive up to 30 mins of business coaching each month, tailored to your business needs.
  • Attend training workshops to support businesses in becoming legally and regulatory compliant across all areas.

Strategy for change:

We sit largely alongside bigger corporations, asking the questions that need to be asked, in order to help organisations develop more inclusive approaches. We do this firstly through networking, establishing strong relationships, and sharing our success stories, combined with the future aims and ambitions of the project.

Our unique, strategic approach to a long-standing issue around inclusion is what makes the above possible for us, however we are constantly evolving and developing new methods that will help us to expand our horizons. By tapping into our Arts sector links and resources, we are always seeking out new opportunities to tell our story, and build trust. 

We offer corporate and public sector organisations the opportunity to sponsor our mentorship programme. We are always keen to collaborate on projects with businesses that believe in our values. 

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