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Mentorship is like having a guide who’s been there and done that, helping you navigate your journey. They share their experiences, give advice, and cheer you on. It’s like having a personal GPS for your goals, making the path clearer, easier, and more successful. 

Why Mentorship?

With a mentor, you learn, grow faster, and avoid common pitfalls. It’s not just about skills; it’s about someone having your back, cheering you on, and helping you become your best self.

Business Planning & Risk Management

Jacque Williams 
Choose Jacque as your mentor for expert guidance in Data Protection, Information Security, Risk Management, and Corporate Governance. Committed to levelling the playing field, she empowers Black and diverse led businesses for strategic success in today’s dynamic markets.  – Click here

Sue Bedward
Select Sue as your mentor for MSc-accredited coaching, CIPD-accredited training, and certified business assessment, specialising in professional leadership development. Sue is dedicated to supporting small business owners, and advocating for mentoring leadership practices to foster growth and excellence. – Click here

Jen Campbell
Jen’s premium consultancy services in Talent Management, Executive Search, Career Coaching, Mentoring, and Business Advice, are uniquely tailored to meet the practical challenges faced by small business owners. Jen’s passion and commitment empower clients to unlock their full potential, translating into tangible and sustainable success. – Click here


Lucille Roache
Lucille benefits small black and global majority businesses through over a decade of coaching expertise. As a qualified Corporate & Executive Coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, and timeline coach, she empowers teams and individuals to realise their full potential. Specialising in business startup coaching with new female business owners, providing step-by-step plans for success. – Click here

Finance & Legal

Harriet Saunders
Select Harriet as your mentor for practical guidance on scaling up growing businesses through funding strategies. As a Fund Executive at The FSE Group, she actively facilitates access to £42m debt funding for SMEs, contributing to the Midlands Engine Investment Fund. Harriet’s expertise ensures smooth fund operations, deal execution, and overall fund administration, providing invaluable support for businesses within her network. – Click here

Pete Komolafe
Choose Pete as your mentor for financial empowerment and security. As a best-selling author, award-winning financial content creator, and TV personality, he draws from a remarkable journey – overcoming homelessness to leadership in Fortune 100 companies. Pete’s expertise as a qualified Financial and Mortgage Adviser, along with roles at major institutions, ensures practical advice and wisdom for achieving financial goals. His insights shared on popular shows like Secret Spenders and Lorraine make Pete a valuable mentor for those seeking financial success. – Click here

Krystle McGilvery
Krystle McGilvery excels in personal and financial transformation, specialising in business partnering and financial coaching. With expertise in finance, accountancy, business, education, and behavioural psychology, she is the go-to expert for building financial resilience and confidence. – Click here


Business Development and Investment Readiness

Assim Ishaque
Choose Assim as your mentor for small business success. An award-winning inventor and entrepreneur, he specialises in commercialisation, offering expertise in startups, low-carbon technology, and youth employment. As a mentor, coach, and Non-Executive Director, Assim guides small business owners to achieve their goals. – Click here

Surlender Pendress
Choose Surlender as your mentor for a unique blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. With 20 years in finance and founder of Love Writing Co., she’s dedicated to making children’s writing enjoyable and effective. As a working single mom, Surlender successfully balanced multiple roles, including being a self-employed makeup artist, providing valuable insights for small business owners in diverse situations. – Click here

Heidi Fisher MBE
Select Heidi as your mentor for significant benefits to small businesses. With expertise in social enterprises and a background in Chartered Accountancy, Heidi provides tailored guidance to help small businesses thrive financially and socially. Her extensive experience, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises, ensures practical insights and strategies for success. – Click here

Arts and Culture

CJ Lloyd Webley
Choose CJ as your mentor for small business success. A multi-award-winning writer and social entrepreneur, CJ specialises in refining strategies for freelancers and sole traders. Through The Black Pounds Project, CJ has assisted over 1.5k entrepreneurs, offering tailored mentorship programmes for start-ups and addressing challenges faced by black and global majority entrepreneurs at prominent events. – Click here

Rachael Thomas
Opt for Rachael as your mentor for small business success. With over 25 years of leadership in arts, heritage, and major restoration projects, including at Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Lincoln Castle, she provides invaluable insights and strategic guidance for growth. – Click here

Dr Martin Glynn
Choose Dr. Martin Glynn as your mentor for small business benefits. With over 3 decades in criminology, research, education, and creative fields, including as Creative Director of PLATFORM ‘Data Verbalisation’ Lab, he offers diverse expertise to enhance innovation, research, and creative solutions. – Click here

Personal Development and Leadership

Rebecca Mander
Consider Rebecca as your mentor for small business success. As a qualified executive coach and experienced managing director, she offers insights on resilience from personal setbacks. Rebecca’s expertise, combined with her role as an author and keynote speaker, provides practical guidance for overcoming challenges and achieving growth in small businesses. – Click here

Dr Susanne Evans
Dr. Susanne Evans,  provides creative change management and HR solutions for small Black and diverse businesses. With a PhD in Organisational Change, her expertise emphasises a human-centred approach, fostering involvement and engagement in organisational change. – Click here

Natasha Broomfield-Reid
Benefit your small business with Natasha’s 20+ years in diversity and inclusion. Formerly Head of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for Victim Support, she led the organisation to prestigious recognitions, making it a top 100 employer by Stonewall and earning ‘Leaders in Diversity’ status from the National Centre for Diversity. Natasha’s expertise ensures practical strategies for creating an inclusive and diverse business environment. – Click here

Sally Dhillon
Sally Dhillon, founder of Nudge Forward, is dedicated to developing leaders for extraordinary outcomes. With a mission to inspire 10,000 leaders, her leadership practice emphasises core values of compassion, diversity, learning, and trust. As a qualified executive coach with experience in organisational change and running a social enterprise, Sally actively supports the Black Pounds Project. Her commitment addresses the historical gaps in business support for black-owned enterprises, providing valuable assistance in start-up, scaling, and funding. – Click here

Sales and Marketing

Nigel Campbell
Nigel has over 25 years experience working in sales and marketing and has worked with and helped 1000’s of business owners in that time. He also runs a peer mentoring and training programme for sole business owners who want to get better at sales and marketing. – Click here

Property Development

Ibrahim Braimah
After liberating himself from the corporate world, he’s forged a thriving property investment business in London, UK, while cherishing life with his young family. With his wealth of experience, he empowers business owners to unlock their full potential and realise their dreams. Whether it’s strategic planning, overcoming obstacles, or fostering growth, Ibrahim is committed to helping you carve your path to success. – Click here

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