Why do so many Black owned SME’s fail?

To put it simply, lack of business acumen.

The hardest working Black Small business owner can fail for want of due diligence.

We want to cure this.

With a population of 66.65 Million people in the whole of the UK, and approximately 59,000 black people in Birmingham alone, just imagine the resources that could be amassed to help black owned SME’s if each person donated a mere £2 to provide business coaching.

That’s what the Black Pounds Project CIC aims to accomplish.

Our proposal is simple. Get as many people as possible to donate £2, compile a list of black owned SME’s in the West Midlands, and use the funds to support online business strategies, implement business coaching and mentorship, and give business owners the skills to fulfil legal obligations and compliance requirements.

Imagine what could be accomplished by offering every black owned SME Business coaching and membership. Allowing them to establish a digital presence, and to develop effective growth strategies.

Imagine the change it would make in our community if every black owned business was successful.

This sounds like a tall order but it’s not. All it takes is £2. Two from you, two from your brother, two from your mum, two from your neighbor.

The Black Pounds Project proposes to support each business through our bronze, silver and gold business coaching and mentorship schemes. Business coaches will meet with black business owners and provide critiquing and guidance. Coaching will range from 3 to 9 months, according to plan, and will cover a variety of topics essential to the small business owner.

You can donate here, and please, share the news with all your friends and family. This could be a life changer in the black community.

So, part with £2, and meet your new community of black business leaders.